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About the Speakers

Andy Redwood
Reswood associates

Andy made a natural progression from the technical side of the Film Industry to Software programming in 1985. Since this time he has held positions from Business Analyst to Programme Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Development Manager and Director of Testing Services, predominately in the City of London in the last 6 years, but has also worked in Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, France, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. Andy has a reputation for strategic vision and delivering global business solutions reporting directly to the Board, liaising on 50M+ programmes and has been regularly personally responsible for quality assurance and testing of business and technical solutions on a global scale - most recently across America, EMEA and the India-Pacific region for Merrill Lynch. Andy has a personal industry profile. He was Chair of the ISEB International QA standards Panel in 2003/4, the UK representative to ISTQB in 2003 and founder Chair of the ISEB UK Executive Committee in 2004. He has been an ISTQB/ISEB Foundation and Practitioner level examiner since 2002. Andy was awarded the Industry Award for outstanding contribution to the QA Industry in Europe, in December 2005 following a previous nomination in 2003

Mieke Gevers

Mieke Gevers has been in the IT industry for 20 years and in December 2006 she co-founded her own company aQis, standing for "Agile Quality in Information Systems" providing a variety of testing services ( and she is also currently Business Development Manager for Metastore, Belgium. Mieke started her career as a software developer, later moving on to various positions as an analyst, project manager and, ultimately, QA Manager for several different companies in the Benelux region and Germany. Until last year she has been with Segue Software, Borland for more than eight years rising from Technical Sales Engineer, Technical Manager, EMEA/APAC, Alliance Architect EMEA/APAC to Solution Architect, EMEE at Borland. Mieke has a special interest in the techniques, processes and project management, specifically with automated testing tools. Mieke is a regular conference speaker throughout Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia and EuroSTAR’s country coordinator for Belgium and a team member of EuroSTAR committee 2007.

Pablo Garcia Munos

Pablo has been working in the testing industry since 1996. He started as a tester in Ericsson and changed positions until 2000 when he was responsible for large projects and became a consultant. Pablo has since 2000 worked in over 30 test assignments as a test specialist and is currently working for Knowit AB in Stockholm as test competence responsible and as a teacher. During the last 8 years Pablo has given courses in testing and is often seen as speaker in testing conferences.

Avi Amon

Avi Amon is in the testing business for about 10 years. During the last 5 years in NDS Israel, Avi is leading the testing effort for few large projects and co-ordinate testing teams around the globe. Avi`s most important task is to perform the final ATP on site with the customers that leads to a sign off and payment. Before NDS, he was involved in testing and consulting projects in companies from different technical domains like rout 6, Comverse, TESCOM. Today, in addition to his day to day activities, he took upon himself to lead and train NDS test engineers toward the ISTQB certification. More than 200 engineers have already participated in TEF courses given by Avi at Israel, India and the US.

Dr. Avi Ofer

Dr. Avi Ofer has a 20 years experience in academic research and teaching (Tel-Aviv and Haifa universities). He is involved in the Hi-Tech industry since 1999, most of the time as senior expert for software quality and testing. For 6 years he served as Senior Quality Expert for the projects of a telecom software company, and conducted dozens of successful Acceptance Tests with customers around the world. In 2007 he joined Intel Corporation as Senior Technical Leader. Dr. Ofer is a member of ITCB Advisory Board since its foundation in 2004, and of ISTQB Glossary Working Party.

Alon Linetzki

Mr. Alon Linetzki [MBA, B.Sc., LQA, CSM, CSA, CTFL, CTAL-TA & TM] is the founder and managing director of Best-Testing (, and a senior trainer at SELA. Mr. Linetzki has 15 years in testing and over 25 years in IT, and is the author of multiple testing courses, including: TPI, Risk Based Testing, Personal Communication Skills, Requirements for Testers, Measurements & Metrics, Dynamic test planning and execution, Pragmatic Advanced Testing, Test Automation and more. Mr. Linetzki, during his long years of expereince, has trained and coahced more than 900 students, in more than 30 companies. Best-Testing specializes in consulting and training in the above areas and also in: defect management & analysis, building & maintaining effective and efficient testing teams. Mr. Linetzki is a popular speaker in international testing conferences since 1995, co-founder of the Israeli Testing Certification Board (, and the founder and chair of SIGiST Israel ( He is also a member of the marketing WG of ISTQB.

Boaz Armoza

Boaz Armoza is the Manager of the System Integration and Validation Engineering Department of Intel's Mobile Wireless Group. He is 22 years in Telecommunications; the first 10 in the Air Force, and the following 12 in the field of network and communications testing. For the last 3 years he has been a testing manager in Intel. Boaz has had a number of opportunities to build testing groups from scratch or rebuild them into successful teams. Boaz lives in Har Adar, is married with 4 daughters.

Dakar Shalom

Dakar Shalom is an ISTQB CTFL, has 20 years experience in software testing and QA from tester to senior project manager and methodology implementation. Dakar served as division test manager of 50 testers in Amdocs and managed up to 6 different QA projects world wide in parallel. Her main specialized areas of consulting and training are: test strategy, test management, automation strategy, Defect management and analysis, building b& maintaining effective and efficient testing team, risk based testing and TPI. In addition Dakar is coaching, executive management, test managers and test leaders on cross QA and testing strategic topics.

Debi Zylbermann

Debi Zylbermann has 25 years experience in the fields of S/W development, testing and Quality Assurance, including more than 15 years experience in management. Her favourite ""war stories"" from her professional life always include the thrill of finding THE bug, the one that you know would bring the whole system down. Debi holds a B.Ed from the Jerusalem College for Women, is a Certified Quality Manager, and holds an ISTQB/ITCB Advanced Certificate. She is a member of the ITCB Advisory Board, and Chairs the SIGiST Working Groups. Debi's last position, before leaving the ""Corportate Cubicle"", was QA Director at NDS, with responsibility for defining and deploying Process Improvement projects across NDS world-wide. Debi is now an independant consultant, the founder of Debi'Z Consulting Ltd., specializing in Website Promotion (Search Engine Optimization), and QA.

Ester Zabar

M.Sc in Chemical Engineering, Technion (Haifa), ISTQB Foundation Level certification & Advanced Level Certification for the Managerial & the Functional 12 years experience in software development in IAI after completing 9 months of Real Time software course. 9 years of experience in managing QC teams in ECI & BMC. Founder of AQA, a company employing people from the Autism spectrum in S/W testing Main expertise: SW testing management, automation & simulators development management

Joel Montvelisky

Joel has spent over 12 years in the QA & Software Testing Areas, working on diverse companies and positions from Small & Dynamic Internet Start-Ups, and all the way to managing a QA Team for one of the biggest QA Tool Makers in the World. Today, Joel works mainly in two fronts. As a founder and Solution Architect in PractiTest, Joel is helping to develop a next-generation top-of-the-line QA Management Platform for Testing & Development Teams worldwide. Additionally, Joel provides consulting services to local and international companies in the areas of QA Management and Tool Deployment. Joel is part of the ITCB Advisory Board.

Michael Stahl

Michael Stahl is a Senior SW test engineer at Intel. A 17 years veteran, Michael is a technical leader in a SW test group, validating the software that controls the wireless component of Intel's Centrino platform. Before starting his career in SW testing (in 2000), Michael worked at Intel's manufacturing facility in Jerusalem, Israel, as a chip-level test engineer. Michael is a member of the Executive Board of the Israeli Test Certification Board (ITCB), and chairs the Advisory board of this organization.

Ram Yonish

Mr. Ram Yonish, MBA, ISTQB - CTFL & CTAL. Currently: SW testing & QA services manager at Matrix - Global. An Offshore/ Nearshore services company with 450 employees (200 testers). He is also, managing the 'matrix QA & Testing center of Excellence'. Mr. Yonish have 8 years of experience in SW testing and SQA. He is a leading trainer, consultant, manager and speaker in the QA arena. Mr. Yonish is the Founder and managing director of SureTest ltd, A SW testing and training provider. A leading trainer of the ISTQB- CTFL and a QA consultant. Before that he was heading the SW testing and SQA training discipline in John Bryce academy, Israel. His first testing experience was at Tescom, Bank discount, E-Banking, where he was managing 5 testing teams for different testing projects.

Shmuel Gershon

Shmuel Gershon has got experience in both firmware and software testing as a Testing Engineer at Intel Corporation, where he works in the validation of manageability products pertaining to the Intel vPro platforms.

Shmuel Knishinsky
AT&T Unified Communications

Mr. Knishinsky is in the field of Software Test Engineering and Quality since 1993. His main expertise are: Building and management of medium and large SW testing organizations; Management of testing projects; Quality engineering. Since 2005, he served as a Director QA at AT&T Unified Communications. Prior to joining Interwise that was acquired by AT&T, he was leading testing teams, groups, departments and projects also as part of the corporate quality organization at Comverse for 10 years. Prior to working at Comverse, Mr. Knishinsky was working in the IT departments of 2 local market leader companies. Mr. Knishinsky is also ITCB Co-Founder and Executive Board member, ISTQB Certified Test Engineer by ASTQB, he is B.Sc. graduate for Mechanical Engineering, Ben-Gurion University Beer-Sheva, and IBM Academic retraining graduate for Software Engineering.

Lior Friedman
Sela Group

Lior Friedman is a Certified Scrum Master and an experienced Agile Coach at Sela Group in promoting agile adoption and assimilation. After leading the development of cutting edge testing tools at Typemock LTD, and supporting numerous companies in their TDD implementation, Mr. Friedman provides clients with training, mentoring and high-end consulting services, specializing in AUT, TDD and agile team transitions.

Yaron Tsubery

Yaron Tsubery is the Director QA & Testing manager in Comverse and has been for the past 8 years. Yaron is in the software area since 1990 and 15 years in testing field as Test Engineer, Testing TL and Testing Manager and his profession is also a System Analyst. Yaron is a formal member in ISTQB and the President and founder of the ITCB (Israeli Testing Certification Board).