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Andy Redwood
28 July, 09:30-10:30

Quality is free as long as you pay for it

Process, automation, off shoring, environment management, and combining all these into an economy of scale via shared services.
This presentation will refer to facts and figures from many case studies across a range of large organisations, including, banks, stock exchanges, telecoms and media.
What people will learn:
The do's and don'ts related to improvement projects; How to combine many projects into and integrated test improvement programme; How to realise the Cost Benefits and create a return on investment;
Who should attend:
General Testing audience interested in test process and automation; Test Managers; Heads of Testing Services; Managers who have test functions as their touch-points.

Pablo Garcia Munos
29 July, 09:30-10:30

Agile, a software development model or a Religion?

Agile is a methodology that is growing within the software community. Many persons that start working in the IT-business start by working in Agile projects and never work in more sequential or iterative models, this has created a group of IT-professionals that has lost the personal thinking and defend Agile as if it was a religion. There are many dangers with this, "the wheel" is invented over and over again without anyone questioning it is one of them. This presentation walks through this common problem and presents different ways of counter actions.